8 Tips on how to give her multiple orgasms

Orgasm is quintessential for sex as without orgasm one or both the partners are left feeling dissatisfied and frustrated.

Sex is incomplete without orgasm, all that tension which is built up while love making needs a release which offers a sense of bliss.

It is difficult for both the partners to climax simultaneously and one might experience the orgasm earlier. But it is essential for both the partners to climax as it keeps the relationship healthy and the love alive.


Most of the times men have the privilege of climaxing! It has to do with their anatomy design and the way it works. It is easy for men to climax within few minutes of the activity but women are often deprived of the bliss.

It takes some effort on the part of men to give her an orgasm. However, some men are quite selfish in bed and withdraw just after they are done.

They do not pay any attention to female orgasm and she is more often than not left frustrated. It creates a sense of resentment in long-term and also affects her emotionally.

If you really care about your partner and wish to have her for long, here are few tips to give her a memorable orgasm, not just one but multiple!

Unlike men, women can experience multiple orgasms at a short interval. And the real fun starts only then-



Building sexual tension is the first step towards orgasm. The sexual tension is not just built in the bedroom it can be started way before. Drop her dirty texts while you are still at the office.

Nuzzle her neck in the morning or touch her erogenous zones to give her a hint of what is going to happen at night. You can also indulge in some PDA which will make her anticipate and arouse her earlier. She will be in the mood already which will make it easier for you once you hit the bed.

She will be in the mood already which will make it easier for you once you hit the bed.


If you want to give her multiple orgasms don’t stop after the first one. The moment she reaches her orgasm, it is obvious for her clitoris to remain sensitive for some time and she would be repulsive to any further stimulation. So instead of touching the clitoris immediately, focus on other erogenous zones like breasts, buttocks, neck, and shoulder.

So instead of touching the clitoris immediately, focus on other erogenous zones like breasts, buttocks, neck, and shoulder.

Start giving her tender kisses and keep whispering sweet nothings. This will keep her in a state of arousal which will help you in giving her second orgasm.



Unlike men, when a woman reaches her climax, the blood flows in the genital areas which make it easy for her to orgasm for the second time. Once she has reached her orgasm, you can still touch her clitoris but ensure feather soft touches initially.

You can either use your fingers or tongue for the stimulation. You can gradually increase the pace along with the pressure to make her climax for the second time.



While clitoris is the sure shot bet for getting her an orgasm, you can also experiment a bit. Give her the first orgasm by oral stimulation followed by an orgasm with vaginal penetration.

You can opt for Doggy style or woman on top which is said to offer more pleasure to a woman and even give a chance to hit the G-spot.

Some women are said to experience orgasm while nipple stimulation, so you can try that with your partner if it works for her.



While some women like to have the same type and pressure of stimulation for the second orgasm, there are women who like variety. The same type of touch or stimulation might not make them feel aroused.

If the first orgasm was a result of slow and gentle stimulation, go for a passionate round for a second orgasm and vice versa. If the first orgasm was a result of direct stimulation of the clitoris, stimulate the sides or go for circular motions. If her first orgasm was due to oral stimulation or fingering use a sex toy for the second round of climax.


These are some of the common techniques for multiple orgasms in women, however; it’s all trial and error.

You need to keep trying various things and explore what suits your partner the best!


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