How to Turn Him ON – 30 Things to Do with a Naked Man

How to turn him on

Sex is always fun when you seduce each other. Rushing for the big ‘O’ straight away is not a wise decision, when you have a lot to do. Your efforts in seducing your man will never go in vain. The more you will seduce your man, the more it will be pleasurable for you. It shows your interest in your partner, most importantly in sex. Frankly speaking, girls feel pleasure in seducing the partner and undressing him. Seducing is an art, and not everybody is an artist. But, you can try, and you should.

Acting like a sex doll is not what you do to turn him ON. Feeling uncomfortable or nervous in front of your partner will not work. One must feel confident in making things sexier. Trying different sex positions in different places is great. Those sexy moves of yours are enough to raise the temperature inside the room. You do not have to make a lot of efforts to turn him ON. Sometimes, a kiss on the chest or down below does the trick as well.

Now, let us talk about how to spice up that moment:

  1. Kiss Hard

Kissing is pleasurable for man and woman both. So, why not have fun with your man by kissing hard and harder. Starting your pleasurable journey for the night with a nice peck on lips would be great. You can then move to something more boosting, a mind-blowing kiss session that lasts more than longer. Kiss deeply and let him feel your lips say everything your heart desires.

  1. Feel Excited

A sexual connection full of passion and excitement will make him go wild. Show him that you feel energized for the session. Doing sex without showing your eagerness will make him less excited. Only you with your wild ideas can make that night memorable, make it.

how to turn him on

  1. The Dirty Talks

Talking dirty with your partner while he is naked will keep him aroused for long. Your moaning sound while licking their sensual spots will make him go crazy for you. Say everything you want to do in that session and let him arouse the way you want. Nothing can match the excitement a man feels when you talk dirty in their ears.

  1. Go Nude

You cannot let him go naked when you are fully dressed, Do You? Go naked the moment you feel he is completely in the mood for the big thing. You can keep him aroused with sexy dance moves. Adding sensations to your bedroom will add wings to your sex session. Let him watch you being naked. Do nothing but tease, as a part of better foreplay.

  1. Dress Good

No matter he will undress you after a little while. But, wearing his favorite lingerie would be a great part of seduction. The temperature will undeniably increase when you both go naked. Looking hot is up to you only. Dress as if you are ready for the game. If he is already naked, let him undress you, one by one.

how to turn him on

  1. Change the Background  

He might get bored doing sex at the same place daily. Go for a hotel suite and let the game begin. Changing the background is another way to let your man know your desires. It makes him much more exciting to do it at different places.

  1. Lick Sensual Spots

Seducing men is quite easy. Their entire body plays a full part in the sex game. You can start licking anywhere to increase the room temperature. Know their super sensual spots by kissing, touching, and licking the entire body. It will be much easier for you to seduce him after finding the sensitive spots.

  1. Work with the Tongue

Oral sex can do wonders to your man. Your tongue can make him go crazy to start the sex session. You can eat or lick something in front of him as a part of your plan. Do not act strange and keep it simple & sexy.

  1. Watch Sex Videos

It might not be a part of the game, but it helps. You can copy the positions and things playing in the video. Watching other people doing the same thing might boost your excitement to the highest degree. It can be extremely hot to watch sex videos being naked for the whole time.

how to turn him on

  1. Tell him Your Thoughts

Making him familiar to your thoughts would be great. Let him know how you feel about him being naked. Boost up his confidence through your thoughts, sexy ones.

  1. Smell Good

Your man might not like you smelling odd. Instead, wear some good perfume and smell perfect in front of him. It will certainly come handy to make things go your way. Your smell will keep him aroused for a while. His sense will definitely go wild to have some good time with you.

  1. Massage Helps

Give him a sexy and sensual massage. You can touch his parts while doing so as well.

how to turn him on

  1. Start Slowly

Do not rush to anything, not even kissing. He is naked and all yours; give some time to your each and every effort.

  1. Take a shower- Together  

Water has everything to do with your sexual pleasure. Taking a shower with your man will make him go mad for you. Enjoy the lovely time being naked, wet, and sexy.

  1. Try Different positions

Do not let him go bored with same positions daily. Try different ones that can take him to heights in no time. Offer everything that he asks when seducing.

how to turn him on

  1. Go for Sensual Touches     

Sexually touching their sensual parts would do wonders. Grab his buttocks and p-spot while seducing.

  1. Get Off the Bed

Sometimes, the bed is just for sleeping and nothing more. Get off it and try something new this time. Do not repeat the same bed thing daily.

  1. Blindfold Him & Play

Cover his eyes and let him guess your next move. Tie something around his eyes and lick their body at different spots. It works!

  1. Tease Him Sexually

When he is standing naked, you are the boss. Tease him for what he wants. Let him wait for the foreplay, oral, and everything in between.

how to turn him on

  1. Get a Vibrator

Men vibrators are also available in the market- have one. A vibrator will work perfectly for you both. You can follow the traditional way of seducing as well.

  1. Cook & Eat Naked

Not just the sex, you should do other things naked as well. It will tighten your bond when you do that sweet lovely hug.

  1. Apply Some Chocolate

Licking chocolate, or any other flavor you like the most, from their body will make you both go wild. Turn them into a snack and eat.

  1. Cowgirl is the Favorite Position

Most of the guys find cowgirl as their favorite position. Get on top and ride it vigorously.

  1. Shoot Compliments   

Compliments about their body and p-size would do a great job as well. Saying positive things to the partner will help them arouse.

  1. Change Positions

Do not wait for him to guide you through those sexiest of positions. When you are done with the Doggy Style, change to something more interesting.

  1. Try Hands-Off

In this process, you can touch him, but not with the hands. Your lips, tongue, and tool can.

  1. Have some Ice Cubes

Treat your partner with a tray of an ice cube, and use it wisely on your bodies. That cooling sensation will increase the temperature hotter than ever.

  1. Fit Yourself in the Bathtub

You both can play the sex game inside the bathtub. Foreplay is amazing when you are inside the water.

  1. Go Rough & Play Wild

Let him know what you are up to. Talk with the actions and don’t ruin everything with words. Let him loose everything over you.

  1. Don’t Stop at Round One

There is still a lot more to go after that round one. Do not stop after reaching the big O. try something new this time.

how to turn him on

The Bottom Line

This will surely help both of you to reach the peak, so get off the screen, and get him in the mood right now!

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