Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction or commonly called impotence is a physical condition where the penis does not erect for long or do not erect at all during any sexual activity. 

It is among the most commonly faced sexual problem in males. 

The line of treatment starts with understanding the underlying causes, improving lifestyle, and dealing with psychosocial problems.

In several instances, the line of treatment is attempted by known drugs like PDE5 inhibitors, which help in dilating blood vessels and helping the blood to flow through the male private part, the penis. 

Sexual issues come under the first category in adults that can ruin your life due to over stress, low self-confidence, and destroy relations with your bed partner. Remember erectile dysfunction can be treated if you open your heart to the right doctor.

What is Erectile Dysfunction or ED?

Erectile dysfunction can be described as a male sexual condition where a man fails to enjoy sex as the erection in his penis does not sustain for long for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a physical or psychological condition. It can cause stress, low self-confidence, related to performance anxiety, and of course relationship strain. 

Do not feel ashamed to share your anxiety with us, you may get the right assistance! You might have faced trouble with erection from time to time but that does not come under permanent erectile dysfunction. 

Erectile dysfunction is the inability a person always faces to achieve or maintain a firm erection.
Thinking anything stressful during the sex may lead to anxiety and bad performance resulting in erectile dysfunction and weakness.

Facing Digestion Problem?

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Tough to digest, but the fact is India arrests an important role holding maximum number of sex issues among males in the world. Sex is treated as a shameful taboo in India and people still feel ashamed to talk about it in India. People fail to understand the role of females in convincing their partners to get themselves treated. 

They should remember that they should never mock them about it and should motivate to get this erectile dysfunction treated at right time. 

Men feel hesitant to talk about it as they think that it may bring shame in society and above all it may lead to the destruction of their relationship. A recent graph had reflected that one-third of men below 40 years and one-fifth of the entire male community commonly face erection issues resulting in bad relationships. 

Though India is getting developed and the literacy rate has improved but still more than half of the male population lacks information about ED and only less than 45% of people are interested in getting themselves treated through medicine. 

However these days women are being more vocal about this issue. According to the survey, 78% of women are aware of ED. In recent research, more than 90% of doctors have emphasized the importance of the partner in ED treatment, results, and continuation of this treatment for extra satisfactory results.

Types of ED

The types of ED are mainly divided into two types-

Primary erectile dysfunction– primary erectile dysfunction is the absence of full, sustained erections since early childhood for puberty.

Erectile dysfunction of the second category– This ED occurs among those who had already enjoyed a happy sexual life with a good erection capacity. Generally, this ED is commonly noticed among those males who live a highly stressed life. According to some popular research, secondary erectile dysfunction is also most likely to be caused by porn. However, some contradictory researches has been done on this topic. Some even state that pornography might help with ED.


  • Trouble to get or keep an erection,
  • Reduce sexual desire.
  • This issue can invite several problems both mentally and physically. 

Facing Digestion Problem?

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Reasons behind the existence of ED

There could be several reasons behind the existence of such sexual problem but the most basic ones are as follows:

Basic Reasons

Diabetes mellitus – Erectile dysfunction might occur in men with diabetes than men without any disease. Pills taken by diabetic patients for a longer duration may rupture blood vessels and nerves.

Smoking – The chemicals in cigarettes injure the lining of blood vessels and affect their functions. It is commonly seen that ED occurs when the arterial blood supply to the penis is not satisfactory.

Sickle cell anemia – People who had been diagnosed with such anemia suffer from prolonged erections which in most cases are painful too! It is called ischemic priapism. A priapic episode often leads the patient to permanent erectile dysfunctions.

Other commonly occurring reasons

Hormonal balance – hormonal abnormality can also cause erectile dysfunction. If the level of prolactin (a Pituitary hormone) increases that might lead to a low testosterone level, which causes ED.

Neurological problems – a list of neurological issues may result in ED. The most common ones are multiple sclerosis, injuries in the spinal cord, chronic alcoholism, damage caused due to some penis operation, or heavy metal poisoning.

Blood circulation – Due to vascular diseases kidney, brain, or heart issues a reduction can happen to the blood flow to the penis and one can experience erectile dysfunction.

Mental health and psychological factors – Anxiety, stress, or depression often cause abnormal heart rate, fatigue, and high blood pressure. This can affect your ability to achieve or maintain sexual performance. Most of the time man can solve their mental issues with the help of a proper doctor and treatment and resolve their ED problem.

Other things that may also contribute to ED include

Loss of attraction – Many things cause erectile dysfunction, lack of attraction is one of them. The lack of sexual attraction to your partner may at times indicate some other problems too! Sometimes a man can feel attracted towards other women but not to his partner.

Low testosterone levels – Low testosterone levels caused erectile dysfunction in a few amount of men. A low level of testosterone hormone might down your sexual life and causes ED.

Alcohol or drug abuse– long term alcohol-consuming might affect your nervous system and leads you towards erectile dysfunction. Dehydration that has caused by alcohol-consuming decreases the blood volume and increases angiotensin in the hormone that is associated with erectile dysfunction. Also, medicine consumed for anti-depression, chemotherapy, blood pressure can give you the painful experience of ED. There are a set of medications that alter the hormones or blood pressure resulting in ruining your sexual pleasure like:

  • Muscle Relaxers medicines
  • Medicine, taken for Chemotherapy
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Medicines, taken for Hormone dysfunction
  • Pills to control high blood pressure
  • Prostate drugs

Chronic illnesses– Hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, cerebrovascular disease, etc. may also increase the incidence of ED sometimes.

Kidney disorders– males that have chronic kidney disease erectile dysfunction are very common. Anemia, gonadal pituitary system, secondary hyperthyroidism, problems in the autonomic nervous system, and many other problems may be seen among those patients who are suffering from severe kidney ailments.

Due to this the continuous changes of drugs potentially affect erectile function.

Nerve damage among diabetic patients– Nervous System, acts as a major element for sustaining and achieving an erection. Ed can also be experienced among those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s. One can notice erection issues in the abovementioned cases due to damage in nerves and blood vessels. So it is high time to be alert if you are diabetic as your sexual life is in danger unless you start taking precautionary method from the very first day. Even after active male hormones and passionate desire, the erection may not last for long.

Heart patients– erectile dysfunction may walk hand in hand with heart issues. A research study has shown that people suffering from ED are more likely to be exposed to heart issues. Hypertension, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and any kind of vascular disease that affects the blood vessels of the patient may lead to ED.

Prostate Cancer– ED may not occur directly to those who are suffering from prostate cancer but it is likely to happen while you are getting it treated.

Injury– Men with complete upper-level injuries might experience erection problems. Shockingly patients who are paralyzed for long may get an erection but it remains for a very short duration and it is impossible to get into sexual activity with it.

Injuries hamper the blood supply to the penis that causes erectile dysfunction.

Pelvic irradiation– the area around your pelvic area may get partially or completely damaged due to radiation. It may also result in lower testosterone levels and reduced blood flow to male private parts. Though this is not a fully proven theory yet? You may not experience it immediately after radiation but can be witnessed after 180 days or 365 days of the treatment.

Recent surgery– Prostate and bladder radical surgery might led to erectile dysfunction. It is mentioned everywhere that a patient is likely to suffer ED after this surgery.

ED due to regular cycling– recently certain researchers have tried to prove the relationship between cycling and ED which was later announced void, though it may result in prostate cancer if cycling is done for a longer duration.

Common complications–  Certain common diseases may invite ED easily like Diabetes Mellitus, heart disease, lower urinary tract problems, hypogonadism, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, depression, usage of tobacco, and metabolic syndrome. After knowing about the disease that may affect your sexual ability, it is easy for a male to look for the ways by which it can be improved. A good and healthy living style helps in multiple ways and nevertheless to mention it works in an excellent way to improve ED too!

This is not an end to the reason behind ED. The additional reasons maybe-

  • Stress- the most simple but hidden and complicated disease
  • Low esteem as one may not feel confident during intercourse
  • Relationship issues
  • A boring sexual life


PE can be treated through various methods including physicals methods and medical methods. Do note that no drug is officially licensed in the United States to officially treat Premature Ejaculation. If the problem persists, it is highly advised to go through a medical supervisor or a sexual therapist.

Why we mentioned the word “problem persists”? In most cases, if you’re just beginning your sexual life, you get experience along the way and find ways to control and delay your ejaculation. 

This helps satisfy the sexual needs of you and your partner. 

You can connect with us to get on a call with one of the best sexual therapists.

Facing Digestion Problem?

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A patient might not have an erection frequently but may have once in 3 months, which is not considered erectile dysfunction.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

When anxiety or stress might lead you to ED, you should consult a professional therapist. Stress or anxiety might be caused by little things from your daily life. A regular phase of anxiety acts like the biggest host to erectile dysfunction. Usually, you will only need a handful of sessions with a good therapist. It’s better if you include your partner in your therapy sessions as well.

ED medicines are in the form of pills or injections that are inserted inside the penis. The types of drugs that the doctors usually prescribe to the patient are- Avanafil, Viagra, Cialis, Vardenafil, etc.  Till the day they have recorded four-fifth successful rates. You need to visit your doctor if the erection crosses four hours after taking the medicine. 

However, these pills cause side effects like headache, stuffy nose, muscle ache, etc. still these medicines are designed to relax the penis muscles and accelerate the flow of blood in it while you are about to have sex. For heart patients who are consuming nitrates should stay away from these medicines. Nitrates are believed to relax and expand the blood vessels. 

If the same patient, who is taking nitrates, consumes ED medicine may face low blood pressure and all other symptoms that may occur due to low blood pressure. Do not forget to consult your healthcare specialist if you are suffering from prostate enlargement and getting yourself treated through alpha-blockers. Consuming alpha-blockers with ED medicine may result exactly as it works with nitrates.

Testosterone is often prescribed to accelerate the hormone level by health professionals. ED medicines are not recommended if it is due to nervous issues. Testosterone may call for several uncomfortable side effects like a problem while passing urine and a high count of RBC. Do not take this treatment if you are in your late fifties or more and if you are having late-onset hypogonadism. 

Take this therapy only when your health care specialist has prescribed you. It may clash with the other medications that you are taking resulting in several side effects. After following proper precautions, one can buy ED treatment through the online world.

If you are looking forward to buy these medicines through an online pharmacy then do not forget to follow the consumer safety guidelines. These guidelines are as follows:

  • Buy from pharmacy with proper license
  • Availability of Degree holder pharmacist 24X7 to assist
  • Compulsory prescription
  • One to one interaction
  • Must be enlisted in VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites)

Vacuum erection devices

These devices help in producing mechanical erection among those men who cannot consume drugs or find them not functioning on them.

In this process, the vacuum pump helps to make the penis hard by sealing it around the penis which draws the blood.

Some men find other treatments more powerful than vacuum devices.

Surgical Treatment

For most men, surgery should be the last option. Consult your doctor before deciding to go for surgery. This surgery takes place in a proper hospital or surgical care by an urologist. It is done to bring the erection back in the penis. The arteries start functioning better after this surgery as it accelerates the flow of blood in the penis.

Precautions for ED

A healthy lifestyle is a home to multiple fitness mantras and exile to several diseases including erectile dysfunction. Try working on heart, diabetes, and other chronic issues under the guidance of your doctor.
Regularly visit your doctor and opt for medical screening whenever asked.

“Smoking is injurious to health.” It is too harmful if you are facing ED. Restrict your smoking habit. Consuming alcohol and illegal drugs can give very undesirable results if you are struggling to bring back the penis erection.

Exercise not only makes you healthy but works wonders in your sexual life too!

Control your stress before it controls you! Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues should be taken seriously and must be treated immediately.
Visiting a doctor is no more an issue:

Asking for an urologist recommendation is a better idea if you get hiccups while discussing your sexual problem with your healthcare specialist.

Keep a track of your complete medical history to know the duration of symptoms for correct diagnose is highly appreciated for better and quick results.

Do not hesitate to answer honestly even the questions which are too sensitive and personal as it is needed for the right treatment.

Remember erectile dysfunction is curable only with the right diagnose and right treatment. Treat yourself before it is too late!