The phenomenon is ejaculation during sleep is often termed as nightfall. 

It is a common issue among youngsters where a lot of growth hormones are involved including erotic experiences during one’s sleep. 

This is an absolutely normal phase and time in one’s life and you should not feel guilty about something like this.

As said above, nightfall usually occurs during the teenage phase but it’s not necessary. Any age group can experience nightfall if you have less control over your erotic feelings. Being human beings, every one of us has sexual desires except some of us have those extra hormones that haunt us at night. While nightfall can be fixed by making some life changes, if the problem persists, calling an expert or a doctor might be the ideal solution.

If you’re facing this problem for quite some time now, this guide will answer all your concerns about nightfall and how it occurs, and everything related to it.

What is Nightfall?

You already know the basis of nightfall but what you don’t know is how and why it happens. The teenage stage in life is where you’re introduced to a lot of things that seem interesting and seem wonderful to look at. Sexual desires are one of those things. 

Teens are interested in how it happens and of course, they want to create a similar life themselves. Sometimes it’s not possible which is why free adult shows and programs are available online.

Nightfall is the result of what you can call “loop thoughts” where the human body is constantly thinking of something they might be interested in. You think about it so much that you have no control over your thoughts even in sleep mode. That’s when it hits and you ejaculate while sleeping.

Symptoms of NIghtfall

  • Semen leakage in Underclothes: You wake up and realize your undergarments are wet with semen, it is one of the major signs of nightfall.

  • Lack of Sleep: After a leakage/nightfall, you’re not able to sleep properly. Instead, you have sexual dreams and thoughts which interfere with your sleep.
  • Body Cramps: Nightfall hits your body and especially your legs and back. If you face too much pain after this incident, you should consider the solutions in one of the sections below. If not, doctor consultation is a must.

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Causes of Nightfall

No Sexual Activity: Since sperms are continuously developing and forming after the male hits puberty, they release at night with little erotic thoughts. This is why people should engage in regular sexual activity with their partners. This is common in adults when the sperms are mature and need to be released from time to time. 

Engage in less Pornography: Teens are regularly watching adult shows and having these crazy fantasies day and night which causes nightfall during their sleep. This is an age where adult content should be limited to watch and kids should explore the real world. 

Stress: Having too much pressure on your body can be a big reason for nightfall. Stress is also a reason for many other diseases as your body is constantly thinking about a particular situation and event which is not suggested as it has long term effects.

Physical Inactivity or obesity: If you’re not engaged in any kind of sexual activity or any kind of physical activity, your genital region muscles weaken over time and it causes nightfall. Men should engage in different types of physical activity to keep them and not develop obesity. 


While this is a common problem in teens, if it still continues for a couple of years, some of these remedies should be considered.

Meditation and Yoga: One of the major reasons for nightfall is the constant sexual thoughts that appear in one’s brain. Changing the habit of involving yourself in exercises and other activities can help you get your mind of such things. One of the most beneficial and suggested things to follow. 

Dietary Changes: Strength is what you lose after nightfall which causes pain in some parts of the body. Consuming a healthy diet can help you gain back the strength and recover yourself. Two cups of sage tea are often considered as a remedy for nightfall by some of the experts.

Avoid watching sexual content: To avoid consistent sexual thoughts, people need to avoid the amount of sexually explicit content they watch. Since this is one of the biggest factors for erections in the human body, avoiding it will have the maximum impact on this problem. 

Bathing: Having a warm shower before going to sleep always keeps your mind fresh and relaxed. This will rid you of the negative and sexual thoughts and hence helping you control nightfall. 

Doctor’s Support: If none of these seem to work out for you, a doctor should be consulted immediately. This is the case when you’re not comfortable talking about this to your parents. A doctor can plan out the best course of action for you depending on your past history.

This is a common problem but kids have their own thoughts and conclusions regarding this phenomenon which is of course not true. Here are some myths regarding Nightfall that are revolving around in the market. 

Myths about Nightfall

Weak Body: This is one of the most common myths regarding nightfall. People don’t understand how nightfall works and then come to different conclusions from their big brains. Nightfall is the release of old sperms that are stored in your testicular sac. They need to be released at a specific time and if not, they come out as nightfall. 

They definitely don’t weaken your body but if it happens regularly, they can weaken your immune system or even reduce your sperm count in some cases. But these are some of the exceptions and especially “low sperm count” which is very rare. 

Abnormal: One of the biggest reasons why people are afraid to come out to adults is because nightfall is considered abnormal by people. This is not correct. Nightfall is a 100% natural phenomenon and every male has faced this once in a lifetime. If not, you’re either engaged in regular sexual activity or you masturbate once in a while to get rid of the old sperms. 

Happens only to Males: No, nightfall occurs in both males and females as every human being has their fantasies and dreams during the night. The only difference is, in females, after nightfall, their vagina is wet inside which does not wake them but in males, they wake up after getting their underpants wet. 

Sign of Illness: People also think of nightfall as an illness whereas it’s 100% natural. Occurs in both males and females regularly if not taken care of. There is nothing to worry about unless it’s happening regularly than usual. In that case, you should definitely consider consulting an expert. 

Masturbation Causes Nightfall: This is one of the biggest myths often discussed among teens. Well, masturbation is not a cause of nightfall. If anything, it’s the opposite. Masturbation gets rid of the old sperms in your body so there’s no chance of nightfall. 

Rare: This phenomenon is not rare. It happens to every human being and is very common among individuals while growing up. 

Sexual Weakness: Nightfall does not affect you sexually. People often treat this as a serious issue but it isn’t. It just cleanses your body with the old sperms for the fresh ones to build. 

Take Away

This issue is quite normal and everyone should be aware of that. Teens should be able to talk about nightfall from their adults without hesitation before it becomes a big issue. They should consult a doctor immediately if it doesn’t get resolved with the home remedies. If you’re unable to contact any doctor or are hesitant, we can help you connect with some of the best doctors in our network. For any doubts, reach out to us by commenting below.