Low sperm count

When the number of sperms is lower than usual while ejaculation, the situation or problem is often coined as Low Sperm Count. 

This might not be a big issue for couples engaged in regular intercourse but if you’re trying to conceive, sperm count deficiency can be a big issue.

Low Sperm Count can be a serious issue if your relationship has reached a level beyond just romance and you want to start a family. If your sperm count is not up to the mark, chances are, you can’t give a child to your partner. This is one of the reasons your relationship doesn’t work out as you’re not able to pass on the generation naturally. There’s always an option for adoption but if you can fix this problem at a certain age and time, there won’t be a need for adopting someone else’s child.

While there are ways you can cure this, consulting a doctor is highly advised if home remedies don’t work out for you. This is a detailed guide on Low Sperm Count including the causes and treatment methods.

Symptoms of Low Sperm Count?

One of the biggest signs to look for is when you’re not able to impregnate your woman. The major cause could be a low sperm count in your body. Some of the men in the world also face other problems due to low sperm quality which can be a major issue in relationships. These symptoms can be hormonal, chromosome abnormality, or a blockage in the testicular region of your body. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Lack of Sexual Drive: People lose interest in sexual actions and often ignore the romantic fantasies that their partner desires.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: You’re having trouble maintaining an erection during sex or not having an erection at all.
  • Losing Facial Hair: This is due to chromosome abnormality and you start losing facial or body hair.
  • Swelling in testicles

Facing Digestion Problem?

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These are some of the most common symptoms and while there are more, if you think your partner has one or more symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

Causes of Low Sperm Count?

The causes of low-quality sperm in a human body can be many. Some of them being genetic and others can be acquired over time. They depend on an end number of factors and since many glands and parts of the body should be functional to produce high-quality sperm, one disbalance and your sperm count drops.

Let’s have a look at some of the causes of low sperm count which are divided into multiple categories:

Medical causes

Varicocele: This is one of the most common problems in males where the testicles get drained out. This happens due to swelling in the testicular region of their body. This problem often results in producing low-quality sperm in males and the real reason behind varicocele and infertility is still unknown. It can be easily recognized as a big region of testicles that pop out over time. 

STIs(Sexually Transmitted Infections): Having sex with someone who is infected by HIV or Gonorrhea can lead to the transmission of the same infection. This can lead to a reduction in sperm quality and these infections can be very fatal. Some of them can be treated but some of them are permanent. 

Tumors: Diseases like Cancer can also affect the sperm count in your system. Since they affect the glands directly, they can degrade your sperm count which becomes the cause of infertility. Also, the treatment of these tumors including chemotherapy, radiotherapy can also affect your sperm count in many ways. 

Cystic Fibrosis: Men with hereditary cystic fibrosis are infertile due to the blockage of sperm and not letting it enter the semen. 

Medications: Some of the medicines used for treatment for cancer or other diseases can also be a cause of infertility, An authorized prescription is always advised before consumption. Other medications like steroids can also interfere with sperm production. 

Surgeries: Some surgeries like vasectomy, hernia treatment can cause lifelong low sperm count. Either these or any other surgery performed on the male reproductive system can harm the sperm count.


It might amaze you but sperm quality also depends on the temperature you keep your testicles in. If there is too much heat generated in your testicles, your sperm count will drop down. There are many factors and reasons for temperature drops which might cause this problem.

You might not know this but sitting in a hot tub for a long duration also affects your sperm count. Other possible scenarios of environmental causes can be the exposure to gamma rays and other chemical solvents.

The only reason testicles are located outside the abdominal cavity is due to the same fact that sperm count drops below the body temperature or even the same. Watch out if you’re wearing tight pants or jeans too often which might be uncomfortable. They might look good on the outside but they’re damaging you in the long run.

Life Style

These are some of the most common causes as people are addicted to one or the other drug. Some of the lifestyle causes are:

Boosters: Some of the testosterone boosters that are marketed as workout products can also reduce the sperm count. Not all of them are harmful but there are a lot of fake products that exist in the market which can destroy your whole body. These are also known as steroids or pre-workout supplements that help in building muscles.

Alcohol and Drugs: Alcohol addiction is one of the biggest concerns along with drugs that reduce sperm count.

Emotional: Too much life stress can also lead to the depletion of sperm count in your body.

There are many other factors that can lead to infertility which include weight, smoking, and whatnot. These are some of the most common ones and if you’re facing the problem, the solution might be hidden in one of them. If not, doctor consultation is highly suggested. 

Diagnosing low sperm count

You need to consult a doctor for treatment as soon as you feel your sperm is not able to produce an adequate amount of sperm as it used to. If you’re having sex but your partner is not able to conceive your child, chances are your sperm might not be fit for your partner. 

A doctor plays a vital role in making sure you know the exact reason behind your problems. You can fix a session with us and get to the real reason behind your low sperm count. Since you know the causes and symptoms of why it can happen, diagnosing it might be the best idea. 

The only way of diagnosing your sperm is through the Semen Analysis test.

Semen Analysis

Low Sperm Count is diagnosed by doctors through analyzing the semen under a microscope or sometimes using a computer. The experts analyze the motility and sperm count of your semen. The results are then prepared depending on the type of research they do.

There are a number of procedures you need to follow and many tests doctors will perform over time with the sample you provide them. You can give them the sample by ejaculating in a cup or in a condom while having sex. Both work the same and do not affect the results.

Doctors will perform a couple of semen tests of different samples from your body to measure and calculate the changes happening due to your surroundings. There is a number of measures you need to take which will be mentioned by the doctor before providing your semen. One of the most common being you won’t be allowed to ejaculate a week before the test.

Depending on your results and the sperm motility, your doctor can suggest additional tests including Scrotal Ultrasound, Hormonal Testing, Genetic Tests, etc. Low sperm count is said when your sperm per milliliter is fewer than 15 million.


There are multiple solutions to your low sperm count problem. The solutions are mostly medical and you cannot do much yourself in fixing them. Problems like Varicocele can only be fixed through surgery and that too doesn’t come with a guarantee. However, trying never hurts.

Counseling: If you’re facing ED(Erectile Dysfunction) or PE(Premature Ejaculation), counseling or some medications may help in getting your back on track. PE is one of the biggest letdowns in a relation and it might become a big deal in yours too.

Hormone Treatment: Infertility in some cases happens due to unstable hormones and doctors often suggest using medications.

ART(Assisted Reproductive Technology): This should be the last option in your relationship where you have lost all the faith in producing a baby naturally. Sperms are extracted from your body through ejaculation or surgical extraction, in some cases, donors can be considered. Those are then injected into the female reproductive system to further fertilize.

Please don’t forget the fact that sometimes, your sperm is just not fit enough to impregnate your partner. In this case, an external donor or adoption can be considered.

Lifestyle Changes

According to the lifestyle section in causes, changing your habits that are interfering with sperm count will be effective. It not only improves your sperm count but your overall health. After all, excessing of anything can be harmful.

Following a good diet plan instead of eating randomly can also help in fixing this issue. You need to analyze the changes that happen in your body with the actions you’re taking. Just by analyzing your basic and regular actions, you get to know what’s wrong with you, and reverting back to usual won’t be a big deal.

Home Remedies

These might not be considered as a treatment but some of the steps you can follow to make sure your timing for sex matches with your mate.

Frequent Sex: Having sex every day or with a day’s gap before your partner starts ovulating can help her get pregnant.

Timing: Matching the correct time of her ovulation and the time of your sex can increase your chances of having a child.

No Lubricants: Just ignore all the lubricants as suggested by the doctors as they can reduce your sperm motility.

Take Away

Problem still not fixed? Give us a call immediately as it might be a big problem than you think. Low sperm count is very common and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We will fix you up with some of the best doctors in the world and help you in figuring out the real problem behind it. Do let us know if you want to know more about any part we might have missed.